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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does an Eye Test Involve
What Does an Eye Test Cost?
Should I Choose Glasses or Contact Lenses
What is the New PEARS Service
Do you offer Diabetic Screening?
Do I Need an Eye Test?
Am I Entitled to Help Towards the Cost of Eyecare?

What Does an Eye Test Involve?

The first thing that our eyecare team will do before you have your test is to find out a little bit about you and your lifestyle. This will give us an idea of what products would suit you best. For example, an active sportsperson is likely to prefer contact lenses to glasses and your eye test can be tailored with this in mind.

Our opticians will use a combination of equipment in order to check the health of your eyes and to determine your prescription. They will examine the outer surface of your eye using a slit lamp in order to ascertain overall condition. This is particularly important for anyone who may wish to wear contact lenses. The back of your eye is then examined using an ophthalmoscope or a slit lamp used in conjunction with a high-powered lens which checks the blood supply and the nervous system around the eye. This test can reveal several health conditions, even in their early stages.

An autorefractor and retinoscope will help to determine your prescription and the type and level of correction that you need. A tonometer will be used to direct a puff of air into your eyes in order to measure the pressure inside. The results can provide valuable information about your eye as well as early indication of more serious eye problems, many of which can be treated if caught early enough.

Finally, a set of trial lenses and a test chart, consisting of those familiar letters of all sizes, will help to finalise your exact prescription. Some patients opt to have a retinal scan in addition to a routine eye test. It is, in fact, a digital photo of your retina which can give the optometrist even more valuable information about your eyes. All this is completely painless and is usually done in around 30 minutes!

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What Does an Eye Test Cost?

Our fees are very competitive. Furthermore, for all our contact lens wearers we will discount your consultation fees (initial and check-ups) in full from the cost of your lenses when you order a three-month supply. This effectively makes all your contact lens checks completely free! If you are on a direct debit scheme then all your aftercare is included at no extra cost. Our current fees for 2012 are as follows:

  • Full private eye examination £28
  • Initial contact lens consultation – £35
  • Contact lens check-up – £28

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Should I Choose Glasses or Contact Lenses?

The decision to wear glasses or contact lenses will ultimately be yours. It is usually a happy balance between your eyecare needs and your lifestyle. Our experts will be able to assess what is right for you and will discuss all available options. There may be occasions where we recommend one over another and, if this is the case, we will explain our reasoning.

Ultimately, we want you to be happy with whatever you choose and we want your choice to improve your sight and, in turn, your quality of life. If you are unsure of anything please do not hesitate to ask us. We are always glad to welcome anyone who wants to pop in for some advice. Alternatively, you can contact us by letter, phone, fax, email or web enquiry. For all web or email enquiries we promise to respond within two days, in line with our 48 hour promise.

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What is the New PEARS Service?

Maxivise is an independent, family-run opticians that is committed to providing quality eyecare to the local community. As part of this commitment Maxivise is now a provider of PEARS, an NHS assessment and treatment service for minor eye emergencies such as red eye, eye infections, foreign bodies and many other conditions and problems.

Patients are referred to our specially trained opticians by their GPs who will assess and treat the problem there and then if it is possible to do so. If necessary they will make an appropriate referral for specialist care. This is a free service provided by the NHS in order to relieve the strain on hospital A&E departments and to ensure that patients have quicker and more local access to the treatment they need.

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Do you offer Diabetic Screening?

We are very disappointed that we cannot provide diabetic screening as this vital NHS service can only be offered at a limited number of practices within any given area. You are, however, free to choose any eyecare provider that you wish for your everyday needs.

Some of our patients have recently informed us that they are being “gently persuaded” to register at other opticians under the pretence that it would be better for them to have their eye tests and buy their glasses at the same place that they have their diabetic screening. This is completely untruthful and it is most regrettable that such unethical practices exist within the industry.

If you ever encounter such unprofessional behaviour please let us know so that we can raise a complaint with the NHS. We will respect any wishes to remain anonymous. Alternatively, you can complain directly to the local Primary Care Trust. Please contact us if you would like more details on how to complain.

Any eyecare provider that has been allowed to offer diabetic screening should be thankful for the privilege and should not be using any unprofessional scaremongering to persuade patients to register at their practices. Choosing an eyecare provider is entirely your decision and has nothing whatsoever to do with diabetic screening.

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Do I Need an Eye Test?

An eye test is much more than a check to see if you need to wear glasses. A routine eye examination by a trained optician can reveal information about your general health such as early warning signs of diabetes or hypertension (high blood pressure). Early detection gives you the option of early treatment, even before you develop any noticeable signs or symptoms.

It is highly recommended to have an eye test at least every two years in order to ensure that you and your eyes are in the best of health. Some people need an eye test more often as a result of their own medical history or that of a family member. Our eyecare team can advise what’s right for you. Click on the link on the left to learn more about eye tests. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us if there is anything that you wish to discuss and our opticians will be pleased to do their very best to help you.

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Am I Entitled to Help Towards the Cost of Eyecare?

If you fall into one of the following categories you will not have to pay for your sight test and may be eligible for a grant towards the cost of your spectacles:

  1. You are under 16 years of age or a full-time student aged 16-18 years.
  2. You are over 60 years of age.
  3. You, or your partner, receive Income Support, Income Based Jobseekers’ Allowance, Pension, Credit Guarantee or Tax Credit.
  4. You are name on an HC2 certificate.
  5. You are registered blind or partially sighted.
  6. You are diagnosed with diabetes or suffer from, or are at risk from, glaucoma.
  7. You are over 40 and are the parent, sibling, or child of a person diagnosed with glaucoma.
  8. You are a prisoner on leave.
  9. You have been prescribed complex lenses.

If you are entitled under 1, 3, 5 or 9 you will receive a voucher to help with the cost of spectacles. Under entitlement 4 you may also be entitled to a grant for this purpose. Grant levels vary according to the type of lens and its strength as follows:

  1. For single vision grants vary between £37.10p and £186.50
  2. For bifocal lenses grants are between £64.20p and £205.10

Other grants may be available for different lenses and for authorised repairs and replacements.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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Top Designer Brands

  • Bvlgari
  • Carrera
  • Dior
  • Emporio Armani
  • Gucci
  • Hugo Boss
  • Jaeger
  • Karen Millen
  • Monoqool
  • Prada
  • Pierre Cardin
  • Police
  • Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Rayban
  • Ted Baker
  • Versace

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